Digital Nomad Guide to Budapest

The bustling capital of Hungary is quickly growing in popularity as a place to be due its vibrant culture and low prices. Local Nika is here to provide a full digital nomad guide to Budapest. Check out all the details below!


Where is it and why should you go?

Budapest, Hungary’s capital, is an eclectic, vibrant, and characteristic city full of life and contradictions. Whatever you’re after, you’ll most definitely find it here.

What is the weather like?

Relatively cold in winter with rain, wind, and snow, and quite hot in summer, especially around July.

The best thing about Budapest is:

Its international atmosphere, gorgeous architecture, delicious street food, unique nightlife, and interesting people. From rooftop yoga sessions and movie nights to little cafés and bookshops, there’s always something interesting to discover, taste, hear or touch.

The worst thing about Budapest is:

One of the city’s biggest and saddest problems is the beggars and the homeless. They are literally everywhere and you can hardly avoid them. They sometimes ask for money, a cigarette, or just some attention, which can be tiring, especially when you’re in a hurry.

Is English spoken?

Yes. However, mostly among youngsters, expats, and people frequently traveling to other countries. Older people will have a hard time understanding you. In more touristic areas (District V., VI. and VII., for instance), though, you won’t have a problem communicating with people.

Is Budapest safe?

Relatively, yes. Like in any other cities, there are certain districts you shouldn’t be wandering around at night (especially as a solo female traveler) but I personally never had a problem with safety. Be smart and don’t look for trouble!

Best areas to live in?

District XI (on the Buda side), IX., and VI.

What is the internet like in Budapest?

Fast and furious. There are wi-fi hotspots everywhere around the city, sometimes even in public places such as parks or shopping malls, and in front of the Parliament too. In the case of a serious emergency, though, head to a McDonald’s, they are all over Budapest!

Do you need a car to get around?

No. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend it at all – there are way too many cars around already. Instead, you can take the tram, ride on the subway, or rent a bike, but walking from point A to B is also possible as the center itself is relatively small. Pick up a free guide and explore the city’s hidden gems on foot!


  • Fekete – Good artisan coffee (in fact, one of the best in town!) and a reliable Internet connection – what else do you need? The place itself is very small but they also have a beautiful little garden.
  • Starbucks – Probably no explanation needed. It’s pricey and often crowded, but at least it’s always there when you need it. And their pumpkin latte is simply ah-mazing!
  • Cserpes Tejivó – One of my favorite spots in town to work from. Ask for a yummy cocoa drink with whipped cream on top and a Cserpes Trudi!
  • Szimpla Kert – At nights, Szimpla is young, wild, and free. During the day it’s a little more sophisticated and calm, so you might get the chance to curl up in a chair and get some work done.
  • Good to Know: There’s a farmer’s market every Sunday morning from 9 am to 2 pm!


  • Mosaik – The new kid in town. A coworking and startup community for the creatives of Budapest.
  • Kaptár – A coworking office for freelancers, located in the heart of Budapest.
  • Loffice – Started as the pioneer of the co-working model in Hungary back in 2009 and still rolling with the times.
  • Coffice – A coffee shop, meeting room, study and work place for urban nomads – all at once.
  • Vagabond Nation - The first Digital Nomad-only place in Budapest that focuses on connecting awesome people.  They also have a co-living space - opening this May!


  • A38 – Fancy yourself partying on a boat with the cool kids of Budapest? Back in 2012, in a public vote, A38 was named as Europe’s best bar by Lonely Planet, and that’s for a reason: this reconstructed Ukrainian ship is home to the most exciting concerts and events the city has to offer.
  • 360 BAR – A bird’s eye view of Budapest with a lovely brunch and a relaxing yoga session at one of the city’s most gorgeous rooftop bars. Perfection!
  • TOKIO – Sadly, Budapest has no special district dedicated to Asian goodies like Soho in London or Milan’s Chinatown – instead, we’ve got TOKIO. The place is a must-try for foodies and sushi lovers!
  • Ruin Pubs – No proper tour is complete without visiting at least one of Budapest's famous ruin pubs.

My favorite ones are Szimpla KertKuplungMazel Tov, and Instant.


SZENTENDRE– A picturesque little town with cute streets and cobblestones, where you’ll find one of the tastiest ice creams of Hungary (Levendula Fagyizó) – poppy seed, lavender, champagne, chia seed, pumpkin, lemon with basil… just some of the yummy, seasonal tastes they offer.

TATA – The perfect location for a weekend getaway. Known as “the city of water," Tata is a true hidden gem with two big lakes, numerous rivers, and a very rich history.

BALATON – Lake Balaton (the so-called “Hungarian Sea”) is not exactly nearby but it’s definitely worth a visit! For swimming and partying, head to the Southern part of the lake, but if you’re more interested in fine dining and wine sipping, stay on the north coast and pay a visit to the beautiful Káli-Medence! You won’t regret it, I promise.




Room: ~ €40/month
Modern Apartment: €350-500/month









Main Course + Drink: €10-15



Beer: €1,50
Wine: €2-3
Cocktails: €5
(Add €1-2 for fancier places)

tourism-icon-83 PUBLIC TRANSPORT

Trams or Subway: €1/ride



Bicycle Hire: €1,50/day
(1st 30 mins free/journey)



Dorm Bed: €8-10
Hotel Room: €40+


  • Brody House – The Hip One | A beautiful boutique hotel with 11 unique and individually designed bedrooms for short-term stays.
  • Shantee House – The Unique One | A cute little hostel for backpackers with a friendly staff and a laid back atmosphere.
  • Wombat’s City Hostel – The Budget Friendly One | A modern yet affordable hostel for international travelers, located in the center of Budapest.
  • Instant Groove Hostel – The Wild One | An insanely cool party hostel right next to one of Budapest’s most unique ruin pubs, Instant.



There’s one called Budapest Digital Nomads and an even bigger one (though most posts are in Hungarian) called Digitális Nomádok.


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